Our customer’s privacy is our top priority. All personal data is the responsibility of Prestige Cars. We never distribute it to other clients.

Our website will save your personal information because we value your privacy. Our privacy policy describes the information we collect about our customers from

Use of Cookies

Cookies are the minor pieces of information that are kept on your hard drive, not on our website. They never steal your data as they help you navigate the site quickly. Cookies may be used to inform us about your username, browsing history, preferences, and the day and time of your visit.

We could work with a third-party ad server firm to show advertising on our website and mobile application. Cookies can be included in these adverts. The firm that runs the ad server could keep track of cookies that come with irrelevant banner advertising. However, we don’t have access to information that would corroborate the advertisement server company’s use of cookies.

Alternatively, you may deactivate cookies using the settings on your specific browser. Installing an ad blocker is another alternative. This will prevent most advertisements and other possible trackers from appearing on and other websites across the internet.

IP Addresses

An IP address identifies the computer or other device on which a local or global network operates. You will get all the essential details about the product you desire when you visit our website.

E-mail Information

Our consumers may receive all upcoming vehicle information as well as other updates by registering through email.

Email Info How Do We Use The Information That You Provide Us? 

We use your personal information to fulfill your service requests. We make use of your personal information as well as additional data we get from your previous and present site usage. We use it in different ways like identifying and fixing issues, encouraging safe trading, recouping unpaid costs, gauging customer interest in the services we offer, notifying you about deals, services, updates, and goods both online and offline, individualizing your experience, and identify and safeguard us from mistakes, fraud, and other illegal behavior.

You actively authorize us to receive this data by accepting the User Agreement and Privacy Policy. We advise you to choose not to receive certain communications on your profile if you do not want to receive them. Your profile is always subject to modification.

By using and completing any forms on our website, you give us and any of our past, present, and future associate partners permission to contact you by SMS, email, phone, or any other method to provide you with updates.

Email Policies

  • We keep your email private, and we won’t tell anybody. However,  we will not disclose your personal information to third parties helping us for any reason. 
  • We solely collect your email address so we may send you updates about our solutions.

Can-Spam Compliance

Under the Can-Spam Act, you can easily remove your email from the list. You will not receive any updates regarding future outcomes.


Our privacy policy allows you to subscribe to our newsletter with only one click or SMS. You can also unsubscribe by tapping on the link in the email.

Use of External Links

By clicking on the external links on our website, you may go directly to another website. If you click on that site, you will be bound to accept the terms and conditions. So it is essential to check the sites’ privacy policies before registering.

Intellectual Property Rights

  • All material on our website, as well as any copyrights, trademarks, patents, and other intellectual rights, is solely the property of their associated owners. You may not use our brand, intellectual property, or content without our written approval.
  • Accordingly, you may not use our brand, intellectual property, or content without our written approval.
  • Without our prior consent, you may not publish information from our website.
  • Nothing on this website may be copied, duplicated, reproduced, or used in any other way.
  • Duplicate any of the content from our website.

Acceptable Use

  • You accept that you will only use our website lawfully.
  • You won’t break the law and you won’t share unethical material. 
  • Without our explicit agreement, you will not utilize our website’s material for marketing.

Restricted Access

We have the option to impose restrictions on access to our website. In the future, if we provide you with a username and password, you must keep them safe to access the restricted sections.

Use of Testimonials

Recall the FTC regulations regarding advertising and testimonials:

  • Testimonials are comments made by customers about our goods or services in text, audio, or video form.
  • Some of the testimonials are abridged, and not all are shown on the website.
  • Since we are not a venue for testimonials, we are not liable for their appearance on our website. These serve only to spread the word about the consumer experience.
  • We do not utilize testimonials to support our claims that our goods or services may be used for diagnosis, treatment, or cure.

How Do We Protect Your Information And Secure Your Information Transmission?

  • When you purchase, enter, upload, or access your information, we apply several security measures to protect your data.
  • We provide access to a secure server. All supplied sensitive/credit information is encrypted and transferred using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology. This information is then stored in the payment gateway provider’s database, which is only accessible by those with specific access rights and obligations to keep the information confidential.
  • Your sensitive information, including credit card numbers, social security numbers, financial information, etc., won’t be kept on file by us for more than 60 days following a transaction.

Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability

Regarding this information’s accuracy, trustworthiness, or completeness, we make no claims or warranties. We shall not be accountable for any losses or damages from using our website.

Policy Changes

Please review our privacy statement occasionally as we retain the right to make changes at any time. Any amendments or clarifications shall be effective immediately upon posting on the website. 

If our company is bought by or merged with another, we may release your information to the new owners to continue serving you.