Most Reliable Cars In Australia

Most Reliable Cars In Australia
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Many factors go into purchasing a vehicle. The buyer wants the best deal possible on the car they are buying. The buyer wants something that looks great, has good gas mileage, and is the right vehicle for their specific needs.

One of the most integral parts of a vehicle is reliability and dependability. If you buy a new car with all the bells and whistles and can go hundreds of miles on one tank of gas but conks out after the first three months, it was not a good purchase.

Some brands and models of cars have a reputation for being reliable. Check out this list of the most reliable cars to make your next vehicle purchase a breeze.


  1. Lexus GX
  2. Kia Niro EV
  3. Hyundai Kona
  4. Lexus NX
  5. Mazda CX-5
  6. Toyota 4-Runner
  7. Audi A4
  8. Honda HR-V
  9. Toyota Prius
  10. BMW 2 Series
  11. Cadillac XT5
  12. Volkswagen T-Roc
  13. Audi Q5
  14. Toyota Aygo
  15. Buick Encore


  1. Lexus GX

The Lexus GX is arguably the most reliable car on the market today. This midsize SUV is perfect for a family car or an everyday commute to work. Its dependable design even lets you comfortably off-road.

The Lexus GX can seat seven, or it will seat four to five comfortably. Gas mileage for the Lexus GX is not high on the charts. Gas mileage ranges from 15Mpg in the city to 19Mpg on the highway. The Lexus GX has a 4-wheel drive for snowy situations or going off the road.

The gas mileage and available room in the Lexus GX have put it in a bad light for some, but the dependability of the make and model has put it at the top of our chart. You will not find yourself stranded on the side of the road when you are driving a Lexus!


  1. Kia Niro EV

Kia vehicles have slowly been rising in reliability and popularity in recent years. The Kia Niro EV is no exception. The Kia Niro EV is highly rated on the quality of build, dependability, space, fuel economy, and overall design.

Not only is the Kia Niro EV highly rated for overall dependability,  but the safety measures Kia puts into their vehicles are also unmatched. Autonomous emergency braking helps keep you in your lane and away from possible dangers.

Adaptive cruise control works with a lane-keeping assist to keep you and your family safe. You can rely on the Kia Niro EV to get you where you need to go and get there safely!


  1. Hyundai Kona

Hyundai did not have the best reputation in the vehicle world for years. People viewed them as inexpensive, cheaply built vehicles only wanted if you were in a pinch for money. They have started to turn that reputation around in the past few years.

The Hyundai Kona is one of the models that started the trend. The Kona rates as one of the best subcompact SUVs in “Car and Driver’s” 10 Best Trucks and SUVs list in 2019. 

One of the drawbacks to the Hyundai Kona is the tight cargo space. Although it is rated high for reliability and safety, the Hyundai Kona is not a large SUV. If you are looking for a family car, you will want a larger SUV.

If your goal is a safe, reliable vehicle for just you on your adventures across the country or your daily commute to work, the Hyundai Kona is a good pick for you!


  1. Lexus NX

Not far behind the Lexus GX is the Lexus NX on the reliability list. This luxury compact SUV has a comfortable interior, posed ride and handling, and many luxury features. 

Compared to the Lexus GX, the Lexus NX is more spacious for the available seating. It only seats five, but the lower seat number gives more space for the passengers it holds. It has good gas mileage, ranging from 22 to 26Mpg in the city to 28 to 33Mpg on the highway.

The Luxus NX has both 4-wheel drive and all-wheel drive. You can always rely on your Lexus NX to get you safely and timely to your next destination. The Lexus NX was fully redesigned from 2021 to 2022. If you experienced the Lexus NX in 2021, you must check out the all-new design!


  1. Mazda CX-5

Most Reliable Cars In Australia

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The Mazda CX-5 has good ratings for midsize SUVs. The small amount of repairs done to the Mazda CX-5 is low in severity and averages $447 per year. This low cost of maintenance gives an example of the reliability of the Mazda CX-5.

The 2022 model of the Mazda CX-5 has updates to the transmission, seats, and suspension. These updates have upped the reliability of this already-dependable midsize SUV.

Even with the new updates, Mazda kept the strengths of the previous models, including an eco-friendly four-cylinder engine and responsive handling. Many consumers are happy with the affordable cost and reliability, and low-maintenance cost of their Mazda CX-5. It is a top pick for those looking for a reliable midsize SUV.


  1. Toyota 4Runner

Like Lexus, Toyota is a vehicle brand with a reputation for being reliable. You can assume that most Toyota models will be a good choice if you need quality and reliability.

The average annual cost for maintenance and repair for a Toyota 4Runner is below average for midsize SUVs. A Toyota 4Runner owner, on average, brings their 4Runner into the shop for maintenance 0.4 times per year. 

The severity of the repairs to a Toyota 4Runner is only 13%, giving it a good score for reliability. Toyota 4Runner owners have raved about the reliability and quality of this vehicle on both the highway and off-roading.


  1. Audi A4

Taking a shift from midsize SUVs, the Audi A4 is one of the most reliable sedans. This car is a good pick for longer commutes to work for one person because of its smaller space. 

This Audi A4 sedan pulls the interest of many buyers because of its sports car and luxury sedan pull. The Audi A4 has both of these appeals and is reliable. Compared to previous years, the 2022 Audi A4 was predicted to be more reliable in its engine, brakes, transmission, and electrical system. 

Owners of the Audi A4 are satisfied with the overall driving experience and dependability of their vehicles. Low maintenance costs and less frequent trips to the shop gave the Audi A4 a spot on the most reliable cars list.


  1. Honda HR-V

Honda has a reputation for having inexpensive yet reliable vehicles. The Honda HR-V is no exception. An updated interior, plenty of cargo space great gas mileage, and updated features give it a spot on the most reliable cars list.

One of the biggest draws to the Honda HR-V for consumers is its affordability. It has the sleek interior, reliability, and great gas mileage that luxury SUVs have without the high price.

The Honda HR-V averages 25 to 26Mpg in the city and 30 to 32Mpg on the highway. It has both 4-wheel drive and all-wheel drive and seats five. It is not a large SUV, but it is perfect for a small family car or adventures across the country for the driver and one passenger. It is dependable and quality without the high price tag.


  1. Toyota Prius

Toyota is back with another vehicle on the most reliable cars list! Along with the 4Runner, the Toyota Prius is Toyota’s most reliable sedan. It is notable for its incredible fuel economy and reliability.

For being a compact sedan, the Toyota Prius has plenty of space for five people. The Toyota Prius averages 51 to 58Mpg in the city and 47 to 53Mpg on the highway. And along with this great gas mileage is both 4-wheel drive and all-wheel drive. 

The biggest draws to the Toyota Prius are its fuel economy and cargo space. It is a great vehicle for someone who frequently travels cross-country or makes long commutes to work. It is dependable to get you from one point to the next without breaking the bank on gas prices. 

These great features come for an affordable upfront cost, making the Toyota Prius a great compact sedan option.


  1. BMW 2 Series

Most Reliable Cars In Australia

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Sharp handling and a strong engine give the BMW 2 Series a high ranking among compact, luxury vehicles. Like most BMWs, the 2 Series has a luxury, comfortable interior that attracts buyers.

The BMW 2 Series averages 23 to 26Mpg in the city and 32 to 35Mpg on the highway, making it a good sedan for fuel economy but not the best on the market. Its other features of high horsepower and luxury interior make it a favorite among buyers. 

High acceleration speeds set the BMW 2 Series apart from many of its competitors. Great handling with these high acceleration speeds makes it highly rated among buyers and consumers.

If you are looking for a luxury sedan that has great acceleration, handling, and reliability, the BMW 2 Series is a great option for you.


  1. Cadillac XT5

You cannot go wrong with buying a Cadillac. These luxury vehicles have been a favorite among consumers for years. The Cadillac XT5 lives up to all of the Cadillac standards for comfortability and dependability.

For being a midsize SUV, the XT5 has an above-average fuel economy. It averages 18 to 22Mpg in the city and 23 to 29Mpg on the highway. It comfortably seats five and features both four-wheel drive and all-wheel drive.

The gas mileage is thanks to a four-cylinder, V6 engine. It is easy to maneuver around city streets and parking lots. Compared to other Cadillacs, the XT5 does fall short in some luxury features. The interior is still nice but does not compare to other Cadillac models, feeling like more is made from plastic.

Cadillacs can be pricey, but the XT5 is great for reliability. It is a good midsize SUV, but you may be able to find something less pricey to get you where you need to be. 


  1. Volkswagen T-Roc

Volkswagen is another one of those brands with a high reputation for being a great luxury vehicle. The T-Roc encompasses the Volkswagen reputation, of being luxurious, dependable, and safe. 

The Volkswagen T-Roc features autonomous emergency braking when you get distracted or aren’t paying attention, keeping you and your family safe. 

Lane-keep assist and a driver fatigue warning are other features that the T-Roc boasts for safety measures.

The T-Roc is top in reliability and safety for midsize SUVs and is a great option for your family.


  1. Audi Q5

The Audi Q5 is the only car on the most reliable cars list that is electric. Compared to previous models, the newest model has a larger battery for an even higher number of miles that can be driven on one charge.

The Audi Q5 seats five people and features all-wheel drive. For being a plug-in hybrid, the Q5 boasts high horsepower as compared to other midsize SUVs. The interior features quality materials, giving you a luxurious ride.

The Audi Q5 is not the best option if you want lots of cargo space. It is a compact midsize SUV. It is great for getting from one place to the next without spending lots of money on fuel, but you can’t take much luggage with you. If you are going to use it for a daily commute to work, it is a great option.


  1. Toyota Aygo

The Toyota Aygo is a comfortable, small vehicle that gets you from one place to the next without breaking the bank on fuel. If you are looking for a family car, the Aygo is not the best option for you. It is best for one passenger because of its compact size.

The Toyota Aygo is not full of bells and whistles, but it is a reliable and affordable vehicle.


  1. Buick Encore

Most Reliable Cars In Australia

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The Buick Encore is a subcompact SUV that focuses on comfort and reliability. It features a gentle ride in an easy-to-maneuver size. 

The Buick Encore comfortably seats five people and averages 23 to 24Mpg in the city and 30 to 32Mpg on the highway. It offers four-wheel drive and all-wheel drive for those snowy situations you find yourself in.

The Buick Encore is a great option for a reliable, comfortable SUV.


Reliable Cars

Next time you go on the market to look for a new vehicle, remember these models. It is important to get a comfortable, reliable vehicle for you and your family.

Get the vehicle that is best for your needs and will require the least number of trips to the shop. Happy shopping!