Ferrari 288 GTO Review

Ferrari 288 GTO Review
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Only a select few vehicles can claim true icon status in the automotive world. Among them is the Ferrari 288 GTO.

This car was born in the 1980s as a homologation special, representing the pinnacle of Ferrari’s engineering and motorsport heritage.

With its striking design, impressive performance, and limited production numbers, the 288 GTO is a testament to Ferrari’s unwavering commitment to automotive excellence.

In this article, we will take a journey through the history and legacy of this iconic vehicle, exploring its design, performance, and unparalleled driving experience.

So, please keep on reading to discover what makes the Ferrari 288 GTO so incredible.


Heritage and Legacy

The Ferrari 288 GTO has a rich heritage and legacy that is deeply connected to the brand’s impressive history in motorsports and its commitment to pushing the boundaries of automotive engineering.

Indeed, its name pays tribute to the legendary Ferrari 250 GTO, considered one of the greatest and most valuable classic cars ever.

This car was born as a race-inspired road car that bridged the gap between road-going sports cars and their track-focused counterparts, marking a pivotal moment in Ferrari’s lineage. Although the 288 GTO was created for a racing series that was cancelled before it could enter, it’s motorsport origins and race-inspired design elements have become defining characteristics of the car.

The 288 GTO was unveiled in 1984 and showcased a beautiful design that combined aerodynamic elegance with aggressive styling cues. Purposeful lines flared wheel arches, and a distinctive rear wing created its striking silhouette. At the same time, as it was crafted mostly from lightweight materials like aluminium and fibreglass, the car’s bodywork emphasised its performance-oriented nature and racing pedigree.

With a production run of only 272 units, the Ferrari 288 GTO became an instant collectable and highly sought-after automobile due to its rarity, exclusivity, performance, and iconic status.

Today, the legacy of the 288 GTO extends beyond its production years, as its technological advancements and design cues influenced subsequent Ferrari models, including the legendary F40 and the modern-day LaFerrari. The vehicle’s DNA can be seen in generations of Ferrari’s flagship supercars, making it a crucial stepping stone in the brand’s evolution.


Design and Styling

Design and Styling 1

The Ferrari 288 GTO boasts a design that showcases both aerodynamic elegance and aggressive aesthetics. It’s low-slung profile and wide stance exudes a sense of power and stability, while the predominantly lightweight materials used in crafting the bodywork aid in weight reduction and overall performance.

At the car’s front end are aerodynamic functionality and unmistakable Ferrari design cues, including large air intakes and a prominent lower spoiler that serves the dual purpose of cooling the engine and enhancing downforce. The iconic Ferrari grille, adorned with the prancing horse emblem, takes centre stage, evoking a sense of heritage and prestige.

Its muscular wheel arches on the sides house distinctive five-spoke alloy wheels that add a touch of elegance, aid brake cooling, and reduce unsprung weight. The sleek, sloping roofline flows seamlessly into the rear, creating a harmonious and aerodynamically efficient profile.

On the rear, the car’s design becomes even more dramatic, with a wide rear track, flared wheel arches, and a large rear wing that enhances downforce and adds a visually striking element to the car’s aesthetics. The interior is also designed with a focus on performance, featuring a driver-centric cockpit with ergonomically positioned controls and high-quality materials such as leather and carbon fibre.

Overall, the Ferrari 288 GTO perfectly balances function and form, with every curve and surface carefully sculpted to minimise drag and maximise downforce. Its design elements work harmoniously to enhance stability, improve cooling, and optimise overall performance.


Performance and Powertrain

The Ferrari 288 GTO is a highly respected car renowned for its exceptional performance and powerful engine. It was built as a street-legal version of Ferrari’s Group B rally car to take performance to the limit and deliver an exciting driving experience.

The 288 GTO boasts a mid-mounted 2.9-litre twin-turbocharged V8 engine with advanced features like intercoolers and fuel injection. It produces an impressive power output of around 400 horsepower and 366 lb-ft of torque, allowing it to go from 0 to 60 mph (0 to 97 km/h) in just over four seconds and reach top speeds of over 180 mph (290 km/h).

The car has a five-speed manual transmission that provides a direct and engaging link between the driver and the car, with short and precise shifts. The 288 GTO is built with lightweight materials, using a tubular steel frame chassis, aluminium, and fibreglass bodywork, which enhances its agility, handling, and overall performance.

The 288 GTO also has a sophisticated suspension system consisting of independent double wishbones at all four corners, adjustable shock absorbers, and anti-roll bars that ensure the car remains stable even under extreme driving conditions.


Interior Comfort and Features

Interior Comfort and Features

The Ferrari 288 GTO is a supercar designed to prioritise performance and driver engagement. Its interior is not as luxurious as modern luxury cars but still provides a functional and immersive driving environment.

When you sit inside the car, you’ll notice that it has a driver-centric layout that emphasises functionality and a strong connection between the driver and the vehicle. The seats are upholstered in supple leather, offering decent support and comfort for spirited driving, but they’re not meant for long-distance cruising.

The interior is well thought-out, with controls and switches placed within easy reach of the driver. Its instrument cluster consists of analogue gauges that provide essential information, and the car’s minimalist design ensures that the driver can easily read and interpret critical data while remaining fully engaged with the driving experience.

The vehicle is relatively stripped down, with basic amenities like air conditioning and a radio. Subsequently, it lacks luxurious appointments and advanced technological features. But this simplicity allows for a weight reduction, which enhances the car’s performance capabilities.

The 288 GTO also lacks modern conveniences like power windows, power seats, and advanced infotainment systems, which adds to the unfiltered and raw driving experience enthusiasts appreciate. Despite its focus on performance, the 288 GTO still maintains a high level of craftsmanship and attention to detail that’s expected from Ferrari, with high-quality materials like leather and aluminium adding a sense of luxury and refinement to the driver-focused environment.


Driving Experience and Handling

The Ferrari 288 GTO offers an exceptional driving experience with impressive handling and performance. From the moment you take the wheel, you can feel the car was designed to provide an exhilarating and immersive driving experience.

Its twin-turbocharged V8 engine delivers explosive power, propelling you forward with incredible force. Its engine’s responsiveness and linear power band make for impressive acceleration, providing a thrilling adrenaline rush every time you accelerate. At the same time, the engine’s sound is awe-inspiring, building up to a mechanical symphony that reminds you of the car’s performance pedigree.

The vehicle’s handling is a marvel of engineering. Its lightweight construction and well-tuned suspension system provide exceptional agility and precision on the road or track. The car feels planted and composed, with immediate responses to steering inputs, allowing for precise cornering and nimble manoeuvres.

Additionally, the car’s suspension setup, featuring independent double wishbones at all four corners, ensures excellent road holding and stability. Adjustable shock absorbers and anti-roll bars allow fine-tuning of the car’s dynamics to suit different driving conditions and personal preferences.

Providing excellent feedback, the 288 GTO’s steering allows the driver to sense the road and make precise inputs. The steering is direct and responsive. Creating a feeling of being fully connected to the car’s actions enables you to make adjustments confidently.

Even though its aerodynamic design contributes to its exceptional handling capabilities, generating downforce and maintaining stability at high speeds, it is essential to note that the 288 GTO’s performance and handling characteristics require skill and focus from the driver. Similarly, the car demands attention and respect due to its raw power and responsiveness.


Ownership and Collectibility

Ownership and Collectibility

Car enthusiasts and collectors highly covet the Ferrari 288 GTO due to its ownership value and collectibility. This limited-production model was only produced between 1984 and 1987, with 272 units. Its rarity makes it a valuable asset, with high demand and premium prices.

The 288 GTO is considered a significant model in Ferrari’s line of unique limited-edition cars. It is connected to Ferrari’s racing heritage as a road-going version of a Group B rally car. Its historical significance, paving the way for future iconic models like the F40, F50, Enzo, and LaFerrari, adds to its appeal as a collector’s item.

Over the years, the value of the Ferrari 288 GTO has significantly increased, making it an attractive investment asset. The limited supply and high demand have contributed to the upward trajectory of their prices, making them valuable additions to any automotive collection. Maintaining and servicing a 288 GTO requires specialised knowledge and expertise. Still, with proper care, it can be a rewarding ownership experience.

Being a Ferrari 288 GTO owner means being part of an exclusive club of individuals who appreciate automotive excellence and timeless design. The camaraderie and shared passion among owners often lead to unique opportunities, such as participation in exclusive events, rallies, and gatherings that celebrate the heritage and legacy of the vehicle.



The Ferrari 288 GTO is an iconic masterpiece in the world of cars, admired by enthusiasts and collectors worldwide.

Its unique heritage as a road-going version of Ferrari’s Group B rally car and limited production numbers make it a highly sought-after collector’s item.

The timeless design of the vehicle blends aerodynamic elegance with aggressive cues, with its muscular stance, distinctive air intakes, and sculpted body lines contributing to its captivating presence.

Although the 288 GTO may not offer the lavish comfort and abundance of features found in modern luxury cars, its purposeful and driver-focused interior creates an environment that allows drivers to appreciate the exhilaration of the driving experience fully.

Perhaps most notably, its 288 GTO’s twin-turbocharged V8 engine, combined with its lightweight construction, ensures exceptional handling and blistering acceleration, making every journey behind the wheel an unforgettable experience.